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A geographic information display apparatus comprises a memory for memorizing graphic data of maps, terminological information representing various names including place names, route names and facility names on maps, position information representing latitude and longitude data corresponding to the names, and index information including a number of names to be retrieved as a designated name. A retrieval device executes a retrieval operation using the index information of the memory on the basis of a name inputted by an input device. The input device allowing a user to select one of resultant names after the retrieval operation of the retrieval device is finished. A display unit displays a map corresponding to the name selected by the input device. Upon user's designation of one spot on the map displayed on the display unit, a register memorizes the designated spot in terms of position information with respects to the selected name. An adding device writes a mark at the designated spot on the map displayed on the display unit. And, a readout device reads out names stored in the register, and the display unit displays the names read out by the readout device, and further the input device selects one of the names displayed on the display unit. A controller controls the readout device to read out a map affixing the mark thereon on the basis of the position information, and also controls the display unit to display the map read out by the readout device.

Geographic information display apparatus
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June 16, 1994
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November 28, 1995
Kenyu Yamashita
Lowe Price LeBlanc & Becker
Matsushita Electric Industrial
G06F 165/00
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