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A surgical instrument includes a plurality of segments which can be moved relative to each other from a first position in which the segments extend in a straight direction and can be inserted through an opening in a body to a second position in which segments are brought tight against each other to cause the instrument to go round a bend. The segments are brought tight against each other by pulling a flexible element extending through the segments from a part of the instrument located outside of the body. Scissors or gripping means may be located at the free end of the instrument within the body, and these scissors or gripping means may be operated from outside of the body.

Surgical instruments
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July 20, 1994
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November 21, 1995
Peter Moran
31 Spring Valley Drive, Leeds, West Yorkshire
Michael J McMahon
5 Foxhill Crescent, Leeds, West Yorkshire
John G Bisbikis
Thomas R Vigil
A61M 25/00
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