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A system for the conversion of sea wave energy including a breakwater structure including a wave energy collector integrally formed within the breakwater structure. The energy collector collects and directs oncoming waves to an upwardly extending duct having hydraulic oil separated from seawater by a membrane for converting the wave energy into oil pressure. The wave energy collector incorporates a plurality of control valves which are electronically coupled through a computerized control system which regulate the control valves so that the optimum wave pressure is collected and transferred to the hydraulic oil. A piping system conducts the pressurized hydraulic oil to a pressure tank which is connected to a hydraulic motor which is mechanically coupled to an electric generator. The system may be combined with a solar distillation apparatus.

System for conversion of sea wave energy
Application Number
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October 13, 1993
Publication Date
October 31, 1995
Shmuel Ovadia
19 Lobetkin, Tel Aviv
Mark M Friedman
F03G 7/00
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