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An electronic device and method for accessing remote electronic facilities and displaying associated information on a conventional television set. The electronic device self-configures itself upon power-up or reset by initiating a data call to a configuring facility. Information related to available facilities and programming, autonomous mail checking is downloaded to the electronic device. The electronic device displays a menu including several user selectable facilities on the display for a user. The user chooses one of the options from the menu by use of a remote keypad control, similar to a conventional television remote control. The options available include printing, electronic mail and other news and information services. Interfacing the electronic device with a stylus-type pointing device permits sketching and drawing on the television, including superposition of images on captured television images. Captured images of graphics or text are optionally stored or forwarded to a user through a mail facility accessed through operation of the system. The captured images may subsequently be sent via facsimile transmission to other facsimile machines or receivers. The electronic device includes a speaker phone capability for providing audio information received over telephones to the television speaker. A microphone on the electronic device permits two-way communication. A menu item, selectable by the remote keypad, activates this option. The television speaker use permits access to audiotext and voice mail as well.

Apparatus and method for electronic device for information services
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August 1, 1994
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October 24, 1995
Roger Remillard
Townsend and Townsend Khourie and Crew
H04M 11/00
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