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A nursery container that provides an improved root structure for plants intended to be transplanted into the ground. This container is characterized by a base that is constructed to direct initial root growth towards an elevated opening that is centrally located in the base. It is through this opening where initial root growth is air pruned thus encouraging the early development of secondary lateral roots. The base design also serves to aerate the growing medium in the center of the container thus aiding in the reduction of medium compacting and drainage. This container is also characterized by a plurality of vertical indentations that protrude towards the periphery of the container, each one being open at the bottom. Because of these indentations the root tips are encouraged to grow down towards the openings for air pruning thus continuing the development of lateral roots. The indentations also serve to aerate the growing medium in the sidewall area. Furthermore this improved nursery container is designed to compensate for material thinning which is a characteristic of all thermoformed products. It also compensates for the limitations placed on nursery container design by the production method of blowmolding plastic containers.

Nursery container
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June 28, 1994
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October 24, 1995
Steven F Manlove
P.O. Box 1162, Stevensville, 21666
Michael Marinangeli
A01G 9/02
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