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An improved arrow tip suitable for hunting and an arrow assemblage associated therewith. The arrow tip has a tapered main body with four slots therein. Two fixed blades 180 degrees apart, are secured at the rear of the main body and at a swivel point; these fixed blades are removable, permitting the user to create a two blade embodiment by removing the fixed blades. Two angled or L-shaped blades are swivelly attached, at the swivel point, to the main body member such that the longer leg of the angled blades is contained within the slots during in-flight. The shorter leg of the angled blade is exposed during in-flight; but, upon impact and penetration, the shorter leg encounters resistance from the flesh of the animal, thereby swiveling the longer leg from the protection of the slot, and exposing the cutting edge the longer leg. The longer leg's more lethal cutting edge creates extensive bleeding in the animal and thereby causes a faster and more humane death.

Arrow tip for hunting
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May 27, 1994
Publication Date
October 17, 1995
James Casady
8015 N. Suwannee Dr., Tucson, 85741
Richard M Forrest
8195 E. Nicaragua, Tucson, 85730
Ogram & Teplitz
F42B 6/08
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