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A surgical instrument assembly for use in a biopsy operation includes a flexible tube having a pair of opposed ends and a substantially rigid, cylindrical cutter having a distal end, a proximal end secured to one of the opposed tube ends for longitudinal movement therewith, and a sidewall connecting the distal and proximal ends. The cutter sidewall defines at least one recess having a barb at the outer distal end thereof for separating biopsy tissue from a patient and maintaining the separated tissue in the recess during movement of the cutter. The other of the opposed tube ends is optionally operatively securable to a vacuum source for applying a vacuum to the recess via a longitudinal cavity in the tube and cutter member. An unloading stylet may be disposed within the longitudinal cavity in the cutter for sliding movement relative thereto between a proximal position relative to the recess and a distal position within the recess, whereby movement of the unloading stylet from the proximal position to the distal position ejects from the recess any separated tissue therein.

Biliary biopsy device
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August 15, 1994
Publication Date
October 17, 1995
George W Weaver
East Earl
Amster Rothstein & Ebenstein
Arrow Precision Products
A61B 10/00
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