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A system for extracting and dynamically displaying data from a database comprises a central processing unit, an input device, a program memory, a display device, a printer, mass storage, and a network. The program memory comprises management records for retrieving and updating information in the database, and dynamic documents for presenting database information to the user. The information from one or more underlying commercial databases is structured and reorganized into management records. The management records interact with the dynamic documents to reformat the data into the form desired by the user. Both the management records and dynamic documents are also used to execute operations on the data in the database such as sorts, filters, and logical and mathematical functions. The present invention also include a plurality of unique methods for extracting and updating data in the underlying databases. These methods include: a method for defining a point of view for viewing the data, a method for generating the language codes of production databases for extracting the data from the underlying databases, a method for assembling the data extracted from the underlying database into management records, a method for reorganizing the data in management records into any form of dynamic documents, and methods for displaying and printing dynamic documents.

System and method for dynamically displaying entering, and updating data from a database
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May 19, 1993
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October 3, 1995
Richard VanderDrift
130 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur, 94939
Greg T Sueoka
G06F 15/40
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