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A molecular memory medium for storing digital bits at a density of several hundred million per square centimeter. The medium is read and written by a tunnelling probe, and comprises a plane surface and a means for moving the surface relative to the tunnelling probe. Arrayed on the surface are plural memory elements, each storing one bit, and having, relative to the surface, a first positional state and a second positional state, representing the first state and the second state, respectively, of the bit. The positional states are distinguished from one another by a difference in a tunnelling current in the tunnelling probe. The memory element is switched from one positional state to the other by an electrostatic force applied by the tunnelling probe. A molecular memory apparatus for reading such a molecular memory medium includes a tunnelling probe, a drive for moving the storage medium relative to the tunnelling probe, and a controller for positioning the tunnelling probe relative to the track and the surface. A voltage applying circuit applies a voltage to the tunnelling probe, and a circuit causes the voltage applying circuit to apply a first voltage to the tunnelling probe and measures the resulting tunnelling current that depends on the positional state of the memory element adjacent to the tunnelling probe. Finally, a circuit determines from the tunnelling current the digital state represented by the memory element adjacent to the tunnelling probe, and provides the determined digital state as an output bit.

Molecular memory medium and molecular memory disk drive for storing information using a tunnelling probe
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July 13, 1993
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September 26, 1995
Joanne P Culver
43 Asilomar Cir., Oakland, 94611
Thomas F Rust
43 Asilomar Cir., Oakland, 94611
Limbach & Limbach
Ian Hardcastle
G11B 9/00
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