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A dynamic realtime management system for a powered vehicle includes a microprocessor for sensing realtime parameters related to the condition of the powered vehicle. A plurality of input sensors are connected to components of the powered vehicle to transmit condition information to the microprocessor. A memory stores the sensed values of the realtime parameters and the programs for defining relationships between certain of the sensed values of the realtime parameters. A display produces a humanly perceivable signal related to the condition information. The microprocessor is connected to the display to transmit a condition output to the display. The microprocessor is programmed to determine continuously and automatically a plurality of unknown values relative to the conditions of the powered vehicle as a function of the sensed values of the realtime parameters. The microprocessor produces an interaction indication result for determining the status of the components of the powered vehicle. The operator of the powered vehicle has direct access to information generated from the management system in order to enable the operator to make reasonable, logical management decisions to cure costly problems and inefficiencies quickly and reliably.

Interactive dynamic realtime management system for powered vehicles
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July 29, 1993
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September 12, 1995
Harold E Crane
P.O. Box 6169, Kingwood, 77325-6169
Foley & Lardner
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G01M 15/00
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