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This invention relates to a device and method therefor used in osteotomy for removing a right-angled bone wedge from a leg bone. The device consists of a trapezoidal block with a detachable connecting member which is used with detachable towers and surgical pins that allows the surgeon to establish a reference external to the bone as to the position of the apex and angle of the wedge to be cut and then to drill the surgical pins into the leg bone to secure the block in position. The block includes integral saw guides having interconnected upper and lower guide slots to translate the reference into the bone as saw cuts which precisely remove the required wedge of bone. The connecting member is then detached and the block and pins removed to allow completion of the surgical procedure.

Osteotomy device and method
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February 26, 1993
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September 12, 1995
Saul N Schreiber
6525 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, 85012
Harry M Weiss
A61F 5/00
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