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An improved endoscope assembly for exploratory and general surgery which permits exceptional vision while eliminating the requirement of both washing of the lense and expansion of the body cavity. Using a standard endoscope, a housing is placed over the end of the endoscope. The housing is equipped with a window for viewing through by the endoscope's viewing tip. The window is arranged at an angle different from the angle of the viewing tip so that light is reflected back into the housing, and not into the viewing tip. The interior of the housing is coated with a light absorbing material to eliminate back-scattering of light into the viewing tip of the endoscope which degrades the endoscope's vision. An air-chamber between the viewing tip of the endoscope and the window assures the crispest vision possible. Further, fogging of the window is eliminated through the use of heating wires, dry gases, or the like so that the endoscope is also useful for cadaver lessons. Because of the improved clarity due to the different angles and the air-chamber, the endoscope is used without the aid of washing or with the expansion of the body cavity.

Endoscope viewing cannula and surgical techniques
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February 15, 1994
Publication Date
September 12, 1995
Marco A M De Faria Correa
Porto Alegre
Ogram & Teplitz
Very Inventive Physicians
A61B 1/06
A61B 1/012
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