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A frame relay exchange apparatus which accommodates a plurality of subscriber lines and relay lines and transmits the frames received from these lines to a destination line, constituted so as to measure the amount of communication data for every PVC line along with an elapsed time and so as to calculate the limiting coefficient .alpha. varying in accordance with the degree of the queue length of the transmission queue. When the measured amount of communication data exceeds the upper limit value of the terms of subscription of communication of the respective subscribing PVC lines, that upper limit value is changed to a reference value limited by the limiting coefficient .alpha., and then a frame discard operation and advance notification are performed. By this, the PVC performing communication within the range of the terms of subscription of communication is protected from unjust limitation from another PVC performing communication exceeding this, while utilizing the resources inside the switching network to the maximum level.

Congestion processing mode and congestion processing circuit in frame relay exchange apparatus
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February 4, 1994
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August 29, 1995
Tetsumei Tsuruoka
H04L 12/56
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