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An apparatus for incinerating a waste material by processing the waste material through dry distillation and gasification has a gasification furnace for storing a waste material therein and burning a portion of the waste material and thermally decomposing the remainder of the waste material by way of dry distillation with the heat of combustion of the portion of the waste material, thereby producing a combustible gas, and a combustion furnace connected to the gasification furnace through a gas introduction passage for mixing, with oxygen, the combustible gas introduced therein from the gasification furnace through the gas introduction passage and combusting the combustible gas mixed with the oxygen, the combustion furnace having a gas inlet port connected to the gas introduction passage. An oxygen supply device supplies the combustion furnace with an amount of oxygen required to combust the combustible gas into the combustion furnace while generating a swirling oxygen flow around the gas inlet port.

Apparatus for incinerating waste material
Application Number
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August 15, 1994
Publication Date
August 29, 1995
Masamoto Kaneko
778-2 Yanakamachi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken
Paul A Guss
F23G 5/00
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