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A rolled metal fence rail is incorporated into a picket fence which employs two or more such rails, each rail being formed by a single metal sheet which has been rolled to enclose an upside down and generally U-shaped channel or space, the space being formed by a plurality of interconnecting walls comprising a top transverse wall, an inner bottom wall spaced below the top wall, two upright outer side walls extending downwardly from the side edges of the top wall, two upright inner side walls connected to the side edges of the inner bottom wall, the lower ends of the upright outer side walls connecting with the lower ends of the upright inner side walls. The space between the top wall and the bottom wall forms a relatively narrow raceway to restrict vertical movement of the pickets when they are mounted on the retaining rods. In one embodiment, there are two parallel identical fence rails where the top wall of each rail is provided with an opening which is slightly larger than the cross section of the picket passing therethrough; the inner bottom wall has an opening whose transverse dimension is substantially equal to that of the picket passing therethrough but having a longitudinal dimension which exceeds that of the picket.

Rolled metal fence rail
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August 8, 1994
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August 22, 1995
Edward L Gibbs
P.O. Box 581000, Tulsa, 74158-1000
William S Dorman
E04H 17/16
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