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A furrow closing apparatus for an agricultural planter producing an open seed furrow in the soil into which seeds are sequentially deposited, comprising a pair of rotary forks mountable on the planter on opposite sides of the open seed furrow and at a location rearwardly of the seed depositing mechanism; each rotary fork having a hub portion for rotational mounting on the planter and a plurality of radially projecting rigid tines rigidly secured to the hub portion; said tines having an arcuate configuration in a radial direction thereby producing a convex soil engaging surface which imparts a compressing action to the soil adjacent the sidewall of the open seed trench to fragmentize both sidewalls and an adjacent strip to cover the deposited seed with the fragmentized soil particles.

Seed furrow closing apparatus for agricultural planters
Application Number
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March 15, 1993
Publication Date
August 22, 1995
Walter R Carroll
HCR Box 84A, Lytle, 78052
Gunn Lee & Miller
A01C 5/06
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