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A method for routing a packet of information between two hosts that are coupled to a network. Each of the hosts have a unique network address, and at least one of the hosts is a mobile host (10) that does not have a fixed network coupling location. The method includes a first step of (a) transmitting a packet from the mobile host to a second, destination host on the network through a wireless link that is established between the mobile host and a base access station (12) that serves a current physical location of the mobile host. The base access station is coupled to the network via a subnetwork (LAN) (14), and the packet includes a first Internet Protocol (IP) Loose Source Routing (LSR) option that includes a network address of the base access station. A second step (b) receives with the destination host the packet that includes the first IP LSR option. A third step (c) transmits a further, reply packet from the second host to the mobile host via the base access station in accordance with a path reversal technique wherein the reply packet includes a second IP LSR option that specifies as a first Routing address the network address of the base access station. As a result, the reply packet is directed through the network to the base access station that serves the current physical location of the mobile host, and an optimal, fast routing of the packet is achieved without involving intermediate gateways (16, 18).

Shortcut network layer routing for mobile hosts
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July 8, 1992
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August 15, 1995
Jacob Y Rekhter
Putnam Valley
Charles E Perkins
Perman & Green
International Business Machines Corporation
H04J 3/26
H04B 7/26
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