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A hydroponic device comprises a reservoir for containing culture fluid therein, one or more cultivation beds placed on the reservoir one above the other, a conduit extending vertically upwardly from the reservoir up to an uppermost cultivation bed and a fluid pump mounted on the reservoir for forcedly feeding the culture fluid to the uppermost cultivation bed through the conduit. Each of the beds includes a basin-like body which is provided with a bottom wall and an inclined side wall, the side wall having a plurality of fluid outlet holes. A canted support flange extends downwardly outwardly frame the side wall of the basin-like body. The support flange has a plurality of plant holding apertures, each of which is arranged to receive the culture fluid issued through the corresponding fluid outlet holes.

Hydroponic device for plant cultivation
Application Number
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March 16, 1994
Publication Date
August 15, 1995
Jong Chul Lee
447-27, Sutak-Dong, Suli-Si,, Kungki-Do
Jerry Cohen
Harvey Kaye
A01G 31/06
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