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A surgical closure which can be repeatedly opened and closed, especially one for an abdominal incision, consisting of flexible fabric or plate-like securing means which can be firmly secured to the bodily tissue close to the incision but can be released therefrom and with a closure bringing together its end regions above the incision which can be opened and closed at any time, is to be improved in such a way that a completely pressure-tight closure is obtained but which may be opened as often as desired. This is achieved in that it is fitted with a securing component (15) surrounding the incision on all sides which has an opening (4) that can be placed above the incision and consists of a tube (5) of flexible material extending upward from and surrounding the opening (4) and the tube (5) itself acts as the closure or is fitted with such.

Surgical closure
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April 28, 1993
Publication Date
August 1, 1995
Ferdinand Kockerling
Hindenburgstrasse 28a, D-8520 Erlangen
Martin Neumann
Ruhsteinweg 26, D-8525 Weiher
Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson
David S Safran
A61B 17/00
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