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A system for transmitting originated information from one of a plurality of originating processors in an electronic mail system to at least one of a plurality of destination processors in the electronic mail system in accordance with the invention includes a RF information transmission network for transmitting the originated information to at least one RF receiver which transfers the originated information to the at least one of the plurality of destination processors, at least one interface switch, one of the at least one interface switch connecting the electronic mail system to the RF transmission network and transmitting originated information received from the electronic mail system to the RF information transmission network. The originated information is transmitted to a receiving interface switch by the electronic mail system in response to an address of the receiving interface switch and the originated information is transmitted from the receiving interface switch to the RF information transmission network with an address of the destination processor to receive the information. The electronic mail system transmits other originated information within the electronic mail system through a telephone network.

Electronic mail system with RF communications to mobile processors and method of operation thereof
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May 20, 1991
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July 25, 1995
Gary F Thelen
16 Fox La., Palos Park, 60464
Michael P Ponschke
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Thomas J Campana Jr
3836 W. 86th St., Chicago, 60652
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