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Apparatus and method for coating products with two colors including a first coating section, a second coating section and a side to side transfer device for transferring products from the first to the second sections. The transfer device includes a pair of plate grippers each having a movable upper jaw and a movable lower jaw. The upper and lower jaws are each adapted to receive and retain a product carrier plate. The transfer device includes a cam follower that precisely closes the upper and lower jaws so that carrier plates located in the jaws are positioned in registration with each other in order to clamp product between the plates and to maintain the product clamped in the plates while the grippers are transferred between the first and second conveyor guides. An unloading station includes breaker pins for breaking a seal that may be formed between the coating material applied in the first coating section and the carrier plates. At a discharge station the carrier plates are rotated to cause the product to fall to a collection bin. Clean out bars adapted to be extended through the carrier plates while the plates are in the rotated discharge position cause any product that may have adhered to the plate and any excess coating material on the plate to be removed.

Discharge and transfer system for apparatus for gelatin coating tablets
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January 12, 1993
Publication Date
July 25, 1995
Norbert I Berta
Bernard F Plantz
McNeil PPC
B05C 21/00
B05C 13/00
B05C 3/18
A61K 9/28
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