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What has been created is a new device that is used to take benefits from the energy of the high altitude winds for purposes of doing work and to produce usable and storable energy such as electricity, compressed air, etc., without using fuel. This device maybe in the form of an ordinary glider kite serving as an airborne sail or as an airborne tractor that pulls a vehicle on land or on water as a traveling anchor, the kite may carry an airborne passenger who may steer said kite left or right so that the anchor may travel oblique against the wind. The vehicle, acting as a moving anchor, is provided with an anti-overturning control system of various kinds and types such as a control rope that is looped around the middle section of the vehicles, or a straight bar that is extended sufficiently beyond both sides of the vehicle thru the ends of which said control rope is looped around, or said bar being in the form of a rail tract to push the bottom end of the kite's anchor rope far out from the lee sides of the vehicle to prevent overturning. The kite may be provided with lifter cylindrical balloons on its top to be able to carry loads at low speed winds. Said cylindrical balloons may also be provided with oppositely rotating wind turbines wherein said cylindrical balloon rotates on its axis in multilevel array for electric power, or to serve as a Sky Bike.

Rein-deer kite and its control systems
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July 27, 1993
Publication Date
July 25, 1995
Gaudencio A Labrador
1312 Leaf Ter., San Diego, 92114
B63B 35/00
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