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A vehicle location system which provides a plurality of cellular systems that each includes a memory for identifying the cellular subscriber stations that are based in the particular system and visiting cellular subscriber stations based in another of the systems. The plurality of cellular systems include a roaming network that interconnects and transfers data in the memory relative to the presence of home and visiting cellular subscriber stations in the systems. An interface computer is provided to interconnect with at least one of the plurality of cellular systems. The interface computer accesses data in the roaming network relative to predetermined cellular subscriber stations. A location computer interconnects with the interface computer and translates the interface computer data relative to these predetermined cellular subscriber stations into location data that indicates the position of each cellular subscriber stations based upon the known position of the particular cellular system in which the subscriber station is currently registered. A user interface, that may include messaging systems and an electronic mail system, interconnect between a user and the location computer and allows access to location and related data relative to specified fleets of subscriber stations.

System for locating and communicating with mobile vehicles
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July 10, 1992
Publication Date
July 11, 1995
Neil A Rimer
9, Avenue Jacques Martin, 1224, Geneva
Wolf Greenfield & Sacks
G01S 3/02
H04Q 7/22
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