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A lightweight athletic shoe with an ankle support system and a foot comfort and support system is provided. The ankle support system, which includes an integral brace with removable ankle support elements, may be modified by the wearer to vary the amount of support provided as needed. The foot comfort and support system includes a composite insole with a spongy, moisture absorbing layer and an air layer with an air-filled arch support and an air-filled upper foot comfort cushion located around the shoelace-holding eyelets. Air-filled pockets in the shoe upper provide design elements and contribute to the reduction in the weight of the shoe.

Lightweight athletic shoe with foot and ankle support systems
Application Number
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October 25, 1993
Publication Date
July 11, 1995
Willie C Richardson
P.O. Box 1801, Cullowhee, 28723
Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson
A43B 7/20
A43B 19/00
A43B 7/14
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