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A portable computer includes a processor, processor associated memory and control circuitry, and a memory disk drive assembly for storing software programs to form an integral computer unit. The integral computer unit has a CPU module, a display module, a user control module with a user control interface, module connectors, environmental protective barriers for blocking entry of EMI and moisture into the computer unit and a vibration isolator for energy absorbingly mounting the unit to the drive assembly. The display module includes a display device that is separately housed and removably interconnected with the CPU module. The modules are connected by hinges along at least one interconnecting edge of each module. The module connectors are disposed along at least one interconnecting edge of each of the modules to permit separation of the modules at non-hinged edges and pivotal movement about the hinged edges for improved accessibility. The connecting hardware may include a protrusion and groove in each module. Preferably, a gasket is included between the protrusion and groove. The computer preferably includes a fan assembly with an air sensor for sensing airflow through the fan assembly.

Rugged modular portable computer including modules hinged along an edge
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December 31, 1992
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July 4, 1995
Stephen W Smith
South Lyon
Dilworth & Barrese
North Atlantic
H05K 9/00
H05K 7/20
H05K 5/06
G06F 1/16
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