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A surgical device for percutaneous connection of a fractured upper part of the femur to the shaft comprises: a connector plate with a lower straight portion for screwed connection to the femur shaft and with a sharp bottom end for insertion through a small skin incision, having its upper portion perforated by two oblique, tapped bores for fixation of two long screws serving for connection of the fractured parts. Each screw has a wood-screw-shaped inner end and a cylindrical shaft with a hexagonal recess at its outer end which is continued by a tapped bore. Each screw is slidingly positioned in a sleeve which has its outer end slotted and screw-threaded for fixation in the oblique bores of the plate. The connector plate is positioned and fastened to the femur by an angular connector arm composed of a short horizontal arm for firm perpendicular connection to the top of the plate by a long screw, and a vertical portion parallel to the plate provided with bores coaxial with the bores in the plate for guidance of the screws. A screwdriver contains a central shaft having a screw-threaded inner end for engagement with the tapped bores in the screw ends, an intermediate tubular shaft having its inner end hexagonally shaped for engagement with the recesses in the screw ends, and an outer tubular shaft provided with teeth for engagement with the slots in the sleeve ends. All three shafts can be independently rotated and axially moved by separate grips at the outer end of the screwdriver.

Surgical device for connection of fractured bones
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December 20, 1993
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July 4, 1995
Yechiel Gotfried
No. 10 Ben Gurion Avenue, Kiryat Bialik
Frishauf Holtz Goodman & Woodward
A61B 17/90
A61B 17/76
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