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Disclosed is an access door for computer systems comprising an outer case containing an electronic component of the computer system that is capable of generating heat during the operation of the computer system. The outer case has an aperture in its surface proximate the component to allow external access into the outer case. The access door is capable of assuming a closed position where it closes the aperture, covers the component and forms a part of the outer. The access door is also capable of being placed in an open position wherein the component is externally exposed through the aperture. The access door includes a heat sink having a heat receiving portion positioned to mechanically contact a surface of the component to allow transmission of heat from the component to the heat receiving portion. The heat sink further includes a heat dissipating portion forming an outer surface of the access door that is capable of dissipating heat received from the component via the heat receiving portion into an environment surrounding the computer system. The door thereby cools the component when in the closed position and allows access to the component when in the open position.

Heat sink/component access door for portable computers
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
January 11, 1994
Publication Date
June 13, 1995
Dan Swindler
James Huffman
David Hitt
Dell USA
H05H 7/20
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