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An automatic analyzer including a sampler for delivering given amounts of samples into reaction vessels arranged along a reaction line, a reagent tray for holding a plurality of reagents, a reagent delivery device for delivering given amounts of reagents into the reaction vessels, and a measuring device for measuring test liquids in the reaction vessels, the reagent tray includes a turn table, a plurality of divided trays detachably provided on the turn table and having a plurality of compartments, and a plurality of reagent containers containing the reagents and being installed into compartments of divided trays. An identification code is provided on respective divided trays for identifying the division information, and a reagent identifying label is provided on a respective reagent container for identifying a respective reagent. The reagent delivery device includes a first detector for detecting said identification code on the divided tray and a second detector for detecting said reagent identification label. In this manner any desired reagent container can be indexed into a reagent sucking position in accordance with the division information, reagent information and a test item to be analyzed. The number and size of the compartments in the divided tray are set such that a plurality of reagent containers having different sizes can be effectively set on the divided tray, and thus a large number of reagent containers having different volumes may be efficiently arranged on the reagent table to perform rapid and adequate analysis and make unnecessary frequent exchange of reagent containers.

Automatic analyzer
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April 26, 1993
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June 13, 1995
Masao Ushikubo
Stevens Davis Miller & Mosher
Olympus Optical
G01N 35/00
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