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A method and apparatus is provided for reducing the danger of cutting into a passage or organ of the body during a surgical procedure by inserting a catheter into the passage or organ, the catheter having interiorly thereof an infrared radiator and employing an infrared detection system that produces a detectable signal indicative of the proximity of an infrared probe to the passage or organ the proximity of the probe to the passage or organ being a function of the approach of the surgical procedure to the passage or organ. The position of the infrared source and the probe may be reversed. Further a system for viewing the sight of the procedure and displaying the body into which the catheter is inserted is provided.

Detection of anatomic passages using infrared emitting catheter
Application Number
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February 2, 1994
Publication Date
June 13, 1995
Mark G Fontenot
229 Marilyn Dr., Lafayette, 70503
Howard L Rose
A61B 5/00
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