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A cassette for holding instruments, such as medical and dental instruments, through cleaning, sterilization, storage and use cycles, comprises a tray member having a bottom wall and a pair of opposite side walls, at least two clamping members fixed to the bottom wall extending transversely between the side walls, and at least one clip member releasably securable to the tray side walls for overlying and clamping the instruments against the clamping members so as to remain exposed. A method for using the instrument cassette comprises placing the cassette containing the instruments in an ultrasonic cleaning device, preferably after hand-scrubbing the instruments which have been arranged and secured within the cassette, and then sterilizing the instruments in the cassette.

Instrument cassette and method for using the same
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September 15, 1992
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June 6, 1995
Everett A Barney
3409 E. 29th St., Vancouver, 98661
Steinberg Raskin & Davidson
A61B 19/02
A61L 2/16
A61L 2/02
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