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A viewing screen apparatus for helmets or face masks of the type having a viewing area covered by a face plate is disclosed. The apparatus includes an enclosure adapted to be mounted on a helmet or face mask adjacent the face plate, a solid-state flat panel display screen and associated circuitry contained within the sealed enclosure for displaying visual images on the screen responsive to electronic signals, and a signal receiver connected with the screen for enabling the screen to receive electronic signals from an electronic signal transmission source. In one embodiment the enclosure is selectively movable between a viewing position adjacent the face plate and a position out of the wearer's field of vision to allow an unobstructed field of vision through the face plate. In another embodiment the apparatus includes an imaging device adapted to be connected to the helmet or face mask for transmitting electronic signals selected from the group consisting of analog, digital, television, and laser imaging signals to a remote location. The apparatus may be incorporated into various types of helmets and face masks such as underwater diver's helmets and masks, space suit helmets, fire fighters helmets and masks, etc., and allows the wearer to view drawings, text and other information transmitted from a remote source while carrying out tasks in an adverse environment and also allows two way visual communication between two or more persons wearing helmets or masks equipped with the viewing system.

Viewing screen assembly
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August 27, 1993
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May 30, 1995
Michael B Geiger
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Kenneth A Roddy
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