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An apparatus and method for manipulating and anchoring tissue is provided. The invention is directed to solving the problem of manipulating and anchoring tissue within a joint when access to that tissue is limited, for example, during arthroscopic surgery. The apparatus includes an anchor member (10, 50) with attached suture (12, 52). The anchor member (10, 50) is lodged within the tip of a needle (14, 54), which is inserted into a joint. A tube (16, 55) fits within the needle (14, 54) and is pushed toward the needle tip to expel the anchor member (10, 50) into or behind the tissue to be manipulated or anchored. The suture (12, 52) is thereafter available for manipulating or anchoring the tissue. In one embodiment, the anchor member (80) is configured to provide anchorage of its attached suture (82) within a hole (100) drilled into a bone (96). A retainer (68, 69) slides over the suture (12, 52, 82) and secures tissue to the anchor member (12, 52) or to the bone (96) in which the anchor member (82) is anchored.

Apparatus and method for manipulating and anchoring tissue
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April 15, 1993
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May 23, 1995
John O Hayhurst
14751 SE. Wanda Dr., Milwaukie, 97267
Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston
A61B 17/56
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