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A medical probe device for reducing tissue mass in a selected portion of the body comprises a torquable catheter having a control end and a probe end. The probe end includes a stylet guide means with a flexible tip and a tip directing means extending from the control end to the flexible tip for changing the orientation of the central axis of the stylet guide means for directing a flexible stylet outward through the stylet port and through intervening tissue to targeted tissues. A stylet is positioned in the said stylet guide means. The stylet can be an RF electrode, microwave antenna, biopsy means, fluid supply means or combination thereof. Preferably, the stylet is a non-conductive sleeve having an electrode lumen and a second lumen therein, the electrode lumen terminating at a distal port in the distal end of the non-conductive sleeve, a radiofrequency electrode being positioned in said electrode lumen for longitudinal movement therein through the distal port. The medical probe device is particularly useful for removing tissue mass from the prostate and can be used for treating BPH or benign or cancerous tumors of the prostate. The device of this invention can be used in combination with a viewing scope such as a cystoscope, endoscope, laproscope and the like, being sized to extend therethrough or it can include a viewing scope. In one construction, the flexible tip comprises a metal tube with parallel spaced-apart slots extending through the tube to a continuous longitudinal section and enclosed within a flexible sleeve, whereby the tip will preferentially bend in a plane through the axis of the tube and the continuous longitudinal section.

Steerable medical probe with stylets
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August 19, 1993
Publication Date
April 25, 1995
Stuart D Edwards
Los Altos
Ingemar H Lundquist
Flehr Hohbach Test Albritton & Herbert
A61B 17/20
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