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A cabinet structure is specially adapted for receiving a plurality of IV fluid bags. When IV bags are placed inside this cabinet structure, the user turns on a power switch to begin a very specific and controlled heating cycle. A temperature indicator on the front of the cabinet allows the user to ascertain when the desired temperature has been reached. When an IV bag is desired for use, it is removed directly from the side of the cabinet through an opening approximately the size of the IV bag. A temperature sensor inside the bag compartment allows for automatic regulation of the temperature of a pad of heating filaments located along the back face of the inside the cabinet. The heating elements are covered by a rubber layer to protect the bags from melting. The cabinet structure can be fastened to any IV pole, hung on the side of an anesthesia cart or be mounted directly to a wall.

IV fluid warmer
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October 28, 1992
Publication Date
April 18, 1995
Robert A Bishop
13726 Creekside, Dallas, 75240
Aquilino & Welsh
H05B 1/00
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