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An automated ticket sales and dispensing system is customer operated to provide tickets for various entertainment events, travel, and other products and services such as lottery tickets, gift certificates, raffle tickets, moneygrams, and in some areas, off-track betting without the aid of an employee. The system includes a terminal which has a monitor with an interactive touch-sensitive display screen which will show the customer a view of the stage or field as seen from the seating area of the seats which have been selected prior to the purchase with the ability to accept or select another seat. The system is menu driven and allows a customer to select and purchase tickets by touching the screen in response to messages displayed on the screen. Verbal messages in one or more languages may be given along with visual messages. The system will accept payment in the form of cash, credit cards, bank debit cards, and local personal checks. A video cassette player in the terminal continuously shows upcoming events and attractions in the area and advertising for local clubs and restaurants during periods when no transactions are being made. The terminal may be placed at various convenient locations and is operational around the clock for the convenience of ticket purchasers.

Automated ticket sales and dispensing system
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July 5, 1994
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April 18, 1995
Wilford B Wilder
P.O. Box 66730, Houston, 77006-6730
Kenneth A Roddy
G06F 15/26
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