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A honeycomb grass planting unit includes a hexagonal body with six peripheral walls extending vertically and including a plurality of soilpots and a central fence therein. The soilpots are interconnected by plates to reinforce the structure. Holes are formed in the soilpots and the fence through which hoses pass. Two receiving sockets are disposed on diagonal apexes of the hexagonal body and are releasably engaged with four snapping fasteners disposed on the remaining apexes of another hexagonal body to provide a releasable interconnection between two honeycomb grassplanting units.

Honeycomb grassplanting unit
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
June 10, 1993
Publication Date
April 18, 1995
Chin T Lin
No. 15-3, Pei Ping Yi St., Taichung
McCubbrey Bartels & Ward
A01G 9/02
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