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The disclosure is directed to a method and apparatus for presenting a plurality of scanning images in a video presentation. The disclosure is particularly directed to the use of such an apparatus and method in stereotactic surgery, wherein acquisition of a plurality of scanner images, conversion of these images into a selected standard format, storage of the acquired and converted images, selective recall and display of at least two of the images, and independent manipulation of each of the images for comparison are provided. Probe placement can be simulated and the images can be enhanced in various ways. The images used can be, for example, CT, PET, X-ray, DSA, isotope, and NMR scans. Brain map atlas images can be superimposed on and fitted to the scan images of a particular brain. Video displays of three dimensional simulations can also be produced.

Method and apparatus for video presentation from scanner imaging sources
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March 31, 1992
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March 21, 1995
Tyrone L Hardy
13433 Caminito Carmel, Del Mar, 92014
Donovan F Duggan
Jeffrey D Myers
Deborah A Peacock
A61B 5/05
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