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Microscopic photoelectric devices with semitransparent surface electrodes are combined with a liquid or other suitable vehicle. Together they are injected into the subretinal space of the eye. The microscopic photoelectric devices transduce incident light into electric current that will stimulate the overlying cellular layers of the retina. In persons suffering from visual disfunction due to outer retinal layer damage, such devices may allow useful formed artificial vision. The preferred independent surface electrode microphotodiodes (ISEMCP's) may be in the shape of microspheres, microdiscs or other microshapes. The ISEMCP's are formed of either PiN or NiP type semiconductors, or a combination of both, in a single unit. These devices will form a dipole when exposed to light due to the electric current generated. A magnetic field applied in the vicinity of the eye may help align the ISEMCP's within the retina so that their photo-active surfaces face the incident light. Alternatively, the ISEMCP's may be embedded and prealigned in a transparent flexible sheet, permeable to nutrients and oxygen, before implantation into the subretinal space. Such sheet will allow passage of biological nutrients and oxygen around the ISEMCP's. This sheet may also dissolve leaving behind ISEMCP units lying separately, or in an arranged pattern produced by a surrounding mesh.

Independent photoelectric artificial retina device and method of using same
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May 3, 1993
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March 14, 1995
Vincent Chow
7980 Kingsbury Dr., Hanover Park, 60103
Alan Y Chow
191 Palomino Pl., Wheaton, 60187
Willian Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione
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