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A medical technical compression implant (1) for the surgical repair of damage to the spine, especially in the cervical region, includes two clamp jaws (3, 4), which are directed toward each other, are hook-shaped, are connected by a threaded spindle (2), and can be compressed while reducing the distance (B) between them. A wrench profile (9) for attaching a rotating tool in an interlocking manner is arranged at the threaded spindle (2) between two threaded sections (7, 8) with right-hand threads and left-hand threads, respectively. Both the clamp jaws (3, 4) have threaded nuts (5, 6), which are pivotably mounted from bodies, with diametrical threaded bores for screwing on the threaded sections (7, 8). The threaded nuts are mounted in cylindrical transverse bores of the clamp jaws (3, 4). The bore walls (21) are provided with diametrical openings (22, 23) for passing through the threaded sections (7, 8) of the threaded spindle (2). The threaded spindle (2) has, at both ends, an outwardly tapering cone (12, 13) each, which brings about pivoting of the clamp jaw (3, 4) around the axis of the transverse bore in the pulling direction, in cooperation with the inner edge or inner surface of the opening (22) designed as a radial bore.

A manipulating device in the form of a special expanding forceps is provided for implantation.

Vertebral compression clamp for surgical repair to damage to the spine
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October 16, 1992
Publication Date
March 7, 1995
Georg Piotrowski
Walter Muller
McGlew and Tuttle
Pina Vertriebs
A61B 17/56
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