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An electronic gaming apparatus (21) including an electronic primary gaming device (22), such as a poker gaming device or slot machine and an electronic secondary gaming device (23). The electronic poker gaming device (22) is electrically coupled to the electronic secondary gaming device (23), and the primary gaming device (22) is responsive to the occurrence of selected events, such as poker hands or slot machine reel combinations, for input into the secondary gaming device (23). Thus, the occurrence of poker hands in the poker gaming device (22) produces selection of a space (52) in the bingo matrix (51) of a bingo-type gaming device (23). A plurality of poker gaming devices or slot machines (21.sub.1 -21.sub.16) can be electrically coupled to a common bingo gaming device (23) for simultaneous play of a single bingo game by a plurality of players, each of whom is playing his or her own individual poker game.

Electronic gaming apparatus and method
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February 7, 1992
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February 28, 1995
Anthony A Marnell II
3700 W. Flamingo Rd., Las Vegas, 89103
Quirk & Tratos
A63F 9/24
G07F 17/34
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