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A computer-based system for analyzing textual works is achieved by operating on a model of the text as stored in a relational database. The text is divided into user-defined segments, and the system maintains a series of records, each of which characterizes a segment of the text. The system generates a one-to-one association between each record and the indicia which indicate the length of the record and correspond to the beginning and end points of text segments. The system also includes topic records which maintain a list of topics. The system generates one-to-many associations between topics and records so that a link is established between a particular topic and one or more records. Based on the model, the system manages the text and generates reports for analysis of the text.

Text analysis system
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March 23, 1994
Publication Date
February 21, 1995
Stanford K Robins
1309 Knollwood La., Mendota Heights, 55118
Merchant Gould Smith Edell Welter & Schmidt
G06F 15/401
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