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A communications processor serves a group of several workstations with audio and video transmission processing for the purpose of providing video conferencing. The communication processor utilizes artificial intelligence software to read the connection. Conversion rules are contained in tables so that the system can react to the communications environment. The system is coupled for processing optical signals for low cost communication and video conferencing with audio and video communications within the facility area and for long haul transmission. The communication processor provides audio and video communications under instantaneous constraints of the transmission medium and instantaneous degree of loading or usage. Bandwidth, resolution and transmission rate are adjustable to fit the constraints at the time a request for service is made. A workstation initiates a request for service. A request for service includes data about the nature or type of service and signal destination. This information is sufficient for the communication processor to make several attempts to threads before an affirmative determination can be made. If an affirmative determination is not possible, then the communication processor will determine which is possible and provide an output to the user for possible changes in a request.

Audio/video communications processor
Application Number
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July 29, 1992
Publication Date
February 21, 1995
Joseph C Caci
Lynn L Augspurger
Eugene I Shkurko
International Business Machines
G06K 15/00
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