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A vertical-axis, high-wind turbine for use with an electrical generator for producing power by converting the energy of wind currents into mechanical, rotational energy, which is then used to operate the electrical generator. Fixed, stationary stators, while providing significant structural integrity, direct currents having horizontal components into a rotor assembly, where the rotors of this assembly are responsive to the currents by imparting rotation upon a central vertical shaft. Both stators and rotors are designed with functional curved blades for greater efficiency in operation. In fact, the stators are designed with a double-curve which in many ways, discussed herein, perform at levels higher than either straight, or single-curved stators. The present turbine is not equipped with any braking system, or feathering system to withstand the high winds; instead, it is capable of actual operation and energy conversion of these high energy-potential winds.

Wind turbine particularly suited for high-wind conditions
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April 25, 1994
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February 21, 1995
Dillyn M Elder
1513 N. College Ave., #18, Fort Collins, 80524
Frederick J Staley
1403 N. College Ave., #5, Fort Collins, 80524
F03D 3/04
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