05388150 is referenced by 188 patents and cites 7 patents.

An automatic incoming telephone call identification and disposition system embodied in a telephone receiver console which includes a database directory of telephone numbers and disposition calendars which contain activity information relating to one of several caller response options for each incoming telephone caller depending on the time and date that the call is received. Call dispositions of the system include: telephone ring; ring suppress; and connection to an answering machine or fax. The system also includes circuitry for monitoring incoming calls, circuitry for automatic number identification detection of an incoming call, circuitry for after answer code detection, and user programmable system control means and software for coordinating the operation of the system components. The system is also provided with an LCD display for user viewing of an identified caller's number prior to picking up the telephone receiver and an audible recipient alert function capability for signalling a desired incoming caller in one of a variety of audible announcements at either a local or remote site(s).

Automatic incoming telephone call identification and disposition system
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July 28, 1992
Publication Date
February 7, 1995
Jing L Gu
1806 Yosemite Dr., Milpitas, 95035
Robin Schneyer
3470 Brookdale Dr., Santa Clara, 95051
Thomas C Feix
H04J 3/12
H04M 3/02
H04M 1/57
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