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A method of speech recognition which determines acoustic features in a sound sample; recognizes words comprising the acoustic features based on a language model, which determines the possible sequences of words that may be recognized; and the selection of an appropriate response based on the words recognized. Information about what words may be recognized, under which conditions those words may be recognized, and what response is appropriate when the words are recognized, is stored, in a preferred embodiment, in a data structure called a speech rule. These speech rules are partitioned according to the context in which they are active. When speech is detected, concurrent with acoustic feature extraction, the current state of the computer system is used to determine which rules are active and how they are to be combined in order to generate a language model for word recognition. A language model is dynamically generated and used to find the best interpretation of the acoustic features as a word sequence. This word sequence is then matched against active rules in order to determine the appropriate response. Rules that match all or part of the word sequence contribute data structures representing the "meaning" of the word sequence, and these data structures are used by the rule actions in order to generate an appropriate response to the spoken utterance.

Dynamic language model for speech recognition
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December 31, 1992
Publication Date
January 24, 1995
Robert D Strong
San Jose
Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman
Apple Computer
G10L 9/00
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