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A cleaning solution is supplied from a solution reservoir to a workpiece held in a cleaning station through a cleaning solution supply passage extending from the solution reservoir to the solution reservoir. When the cleaning solution is supplied to the workpiece, ultrasonic energy is radiated into the cleaning solution to cavitate the cleaning solution for cleaning and deburring the workpiece. A deaerating device for deaerating the cleaning solution to be supplied to the workpiece has a casing disposed in the cleaning solution supply passage for passing the cleaning solution therethrough, gas separating membranes disposed in the casing and having passages defined therein for passage of the cleaning solution therethrough, and an evacuating unit for evacuating the casing to deaerate the cleaning solution flowing through the passages by drawing a gas contained in the cleaning solution through walls of the gas separating membranes.

Ultrasonic cleaning and deburring apparatus
Application Number
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January 13, 1994
Publication Date
January 24, 1995
Yoshihide Shibano
1629-1-12, Oyama-cho, Machida-shi, Tokyo
Paul A Guss
B08B 3/02
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