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A nestable food or snack tray having a pair of recessed food storage compartments each adapted to receive and hold food is vacuum molded from a single sheet of lightweight plastic, such as polystyrene. A first recessed compartment is shaped in the form of an athletic field or stadium such as a tennis or basketball court, a baseball or football stadium, a hockey rink, etc., and includes a tiered, or step-like layered, peripheral portion representing court-side (or field-side) seats. The floor of the first recessed compartment includes various details of the court, field or rink and may include terrain features such as where the recessed compartment depicts a golf course. The tiered structure forms spaced horizontal ribs which increase the strength and rigidity of the lightweight plastic tray, particularly when the compartments carry food. A second recessed compartment is spaced from the first, stylized recessed compartment, with the respective bottoms of the compartments defining a plane for stable positioning of the tray on a flat support surface. The two compartments are separated by a gap into which the fingers of a user may be inserted for holding and supporting the tray in a balanced manner. The tray includes a flat upper surface disposed at least partially intermediate the two recessed compartments which is adapted for supporting a utensil such as a fork or a condiment such as a packet of salt and may carry a message or a symbol such as a trade or service mark.

Dual compartment food tray
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February 3, 1994
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January 17, 1995
Bobby V Hundley
9520 Stacy La., Union, 60180
Emrich & Dithmar
B65D 1/36
B65D 1/24
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