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Herein is presented a positioning, navigation and collision avoidance system for ships, aircraft, land vehicles and the like, which utilizes a geo-referenced digital orthophotograph data-base and a positioning signal to display upon a computer stereo graphics device a high visibility dynamic photographic image of the user's immediate environment, including both moving and stationary obstacles. The position and temporal data along with the geo-referenced elevation data utilized to derive the digital orthophotograph(s) can serve to warn the user of nearby obstacles; and optionally, to implement semi-automatic avoidance. Substituting user generated x-y-z positions and times, the system may be used in a static mode as a flight simulator or a simulator for other modes of transportation. The system may also be used as a mobile Geographic Information Systems decision making tool with the addition of user supplied geo-referenced digital data layers.

Real time three dimensional geo-referenced digital orthophotograph-based positioning, navigation, collision avoidance and decision support system
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November 18, 1993
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January 10, 1995
Paul S Hooper
Unitech Research, Inc., 3802 Packers Ave., Madison, 53704
David A Wysocki
Unitech Research, Inc., 3802 Packers Ave., Madison, 53704
Stroud Stroud Willink Thompson & Howard
G06F 15/50
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