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A centerpiece assembly in which an array of floral-like elements is supported on a rack to simulate a bouquet of cut flowers. Each element in the array has a stem formed by a transparent tubular wand filled with pellets of candy whose color imparts color to the stem. The lower end of the wand is provided with a removable stopper, the upper end having a decorative flower-like pom-pom attached thereto. The rack, fabricated of transparent material, is composed of a base plate having a center post anchored thereon on which are supported at least two tier plates, one above the other, each tier having a ring of equi-spaced holes therein coaxial with the center post. The upper tier ring has a diameter greater than that of the lower tier ring, whereby each hole in the upper ring is spaced a greater distance from the post than the corresponding hole in the lower ring. The wand of each floral-like element is inserted into a respective hole in the upper ring and the corresponding hole in the lower ring, with its lower end resting on the base, whereby the elements of the array are outwardly inclined and converge at the base to simulate a bouquet of cut flowers.

Centerpiece assembly simulating floral bouquet
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August 19, 1993
Publication Date
January 10, 1995
Kenneth Banschick
30 Maple Dr., Great Neck, 11021
Mitchell A Stein
B32B 9/00
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