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A handheld device for picking up objects and its major components are a handgrip assembly, an elongated tubular member, a combination plunger and double bellcrank assembly, and structure connected to the front end of the bellcranks for picking up objects. The structure for picking up objects can be clamshell buckets, gripping jaws, or other desired structure. The combination plunger and double bell crank assembly has an elongated plunger having a head portion on its front end that reciprocates back and forth between the respective left and right side bellcrank members. Cam surfaces on the head portion contact distinctive surfaces of the recesses formed in the bellcrank member causing the structure for picking up objects to open their arms upon travel of the plunger and close their arms upon its return travel. The handgrip assembly has structure for locking the trigger in its rearward pulled position so that it is not necessary for the user to continually squeeze the trigger while holding the object that has been picked up.

Handheld device for picking up objects
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March 31, 1994
Publication Date
January 10, 1995
Misael Galvis
4062 Ashford St., San Diego, 92111
Charles C Logan II
E01H 1/12
A01K 29/00
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